Saturday, 3 March 2007

Magenta Housewares

These colorful housewares from Jill Rosenwald by Magenta are deliciously creamy and absolutely gorgeous! It was extra sweet of them to feature my favorite colors too. Spring has sprung early this year.

Plastic Fantastic

Voltaire II

Petit Toi

Sofa Unique

I had never really perused Etsy's furniture offerings but after today's fabulous finds, I'm hooked. These pieces by Jasper Van Grotel have been "re-worked," "re-conditioned" and coated in a soft rubber skin available in all sorts of brilliant, saturated colors. They're a bit pricey but if they're as magnificent as all of the reviews say they are, then they are probably a smart investment. I think I want the orange Voltaire II to complement the aforementioned Dollar Store placemats.

My Humble Abode

I found some orange placemats at the Dollar Store the other day (yes, the Dollar Store) and thought they'd look swell above my sofa. I was right!