Sunday, 22 April 2007

Branch Home

I love the organic and slightly "off" quality of Branch's housewares! These beautiful items have a great Mid-Century aesthetic and they're sustainable too-- something generally unheard of during the 50's.

Monday, 16 April 2007


I won't lie... what first drew me to this shop was their fab yet simple logo (coupled with the fact that Petula Clark's "Downtown" was played in last week's episode of LOST). At any rate, I'm thrilled that I was drawn to it in one way or another because this LA-based furniture shop (with a Manhattan outpost, as well) has some of the most rare and undeniably "Hollywood" 20th Century designer pieces I've ever seen.

PS3 Home

I love video games and my favorite part about them (right after cute characters) has to be their slick and dreamy architectural environments, so when my boyfriend showed me the promo video for the Playstation 3 Home, I was beyond amused. The soon-to-be-released hub will allow users to communicate with others in a gorgeous TWA Terminal-like oasis (with indoor manicured grass!) as well as create their own swingin' pad complete with custom finishes, views and furniture pieces! The world has come a long way since Pong.


All of those luscious PS3 Home images with their neat indoor lawns inspired me seek out new household items that bring the fabulous faux outdoors indoors and make you want to host an air conditioned picnic!

Urban Outfitter's Plastic Grass Patch (above), Fred Flare's Daisy Grass Mat (below)

Crate & Barrel's Grass Tray would be ideal for lemonade on a spring day!

Thursday, 12 April 2007

The NEW Decorator Refrigerator

I saw an ad for the "Decorator Refrigerator" on a LiveJournal community I belong to and thought it was the most spectacular thing ever! In fact, I have often stated that such a product should exist without ever knowing one actually did! So I did a little research and found a couple of more ads for the fancy fridge decals as well as one for an air conditioner! The company that manufactured these lovelies, International Harvester, is still around and operates under the name Navistar International. They produce agricultural machinery. Yes.

Further proof that I was born in the wrong era of naked, bland household appliances.

Wednesday, 11 April 2007

Bath & Body Works

I saw this new line of very "chick"-centric gift sets at Bath & Body Works the other day and fell in love with the art on the boxes and bottles! They're basically small treats for every big event in a girl's life (success, birthday, marriage, break-up, etc.) and very reminiscent of Cher's "Dark Lady" cartoon from 70's!