Saturday, 4 August 2007

50s Prime Time Cafe at Disney World

Speaking of Disney... my boyfriend and I went to Disney World a couple of months ago and had lunch at the 50s Prime Time Cafe at MGM Studios-- what a treat! I remember eating there a few times as a kid and always loving the aesthetic. This was before the whole retro look was chic so it's interesting to see how they handled Mid-Century design in the late 80s.

Brass sunburst clock against green and beige bamboo paper-- just like in "Mom's" house.

Two decorative zebras hanging on the wood paneling in one of the many "living rooms" in the restaurant.

Check out the faux marble Formica on the split-level side table!

Painted black pattern on the lambskin tier lampshade.

I should also add that I'm pretty sure that everything in the restaurant was from the period. If not, at least it was from the 80s and that's pretty old already!

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